Welcome to CapGenius. We are a small group of experts on most things related to the forming, funding and capitalization of small, fast growing companies (we all happen to live in Silicon Valley). The purpose of this site is to share some of our knowledge with a broader community of entrepreneurs in the hopes it makes it easier for them to form, structure, finance and grow their concepts from ideas into industries. We are huge fans of the Lean Startup movement, and hope the information provided here can help every entrepreneur be a bit leaner by avoiding common mistakes that can be costly (and time consuming) down the road, allow them to spend less time and money with attorneys and accountants, and provide them with useful information in small bite sizes.

We’ve gained our experience as founders, employees, investors and advisors for a range of start-ups, including a number that went on to do great things (and a number that, unfortunately, did not). Along the way we learned a lot about best practices for pretty much everything related to the funding and capitalization of your business. We launched this site to share our experience and our opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

As with anything you read, you need to form your own opinion on what the best course of action is based on the information available. Hopefully the insights provided on this site can help with that process.

If you have questions, please post them, send us an e-mail (social@capgenius.com), or shoot us a message on Twitter (@capgenius) and we’ll try to provide useful answers. If you want to keep your name and/or company confidential, feel free to do so. If you disagree with anything we say, please feel free to tell us. All we ask is that you help keep our content focused and your comments professional.


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